Residential Property Owners and Year-Round Renters: Apply for your 2023 Parking Pass!

Complete the appropriate online application/payment form below: one for credit cards/echeck or one for mailing check/using the secure dropbox.

  • Fill out the form (all fields are required except for email and your may want to have your registration handy (state and plate number)).
  • See below for special situations like new property owner (s), full-time renters, Trust or other legal entity, lease your vehicle, drive a company vehicle
  • Verify all information and make changes, if needed.

If you are a new property owner (after January 1 , 2023):

  • First name field (last name of the PREVIOUS owner(s))
  • Last name field (full name of CURRENT owner(s))
  • You must also upload a copy of your deed to

If you are a full-year resident renter:

  • First name field (full name of property owner(s))
  • Last name field (your full name)
  • You must also email a copy of your lease to showing the property owner(s), your name, the Ogunquit address, the terms of the lease (no less than one year), and the signature page.

If the property is in a Trust of other legal entity:

  • First name field (name of the Trust)
  • Last name field (trutee's full name (person requesting the pass))

If you lease your vehicle or drive a company car:

  • Registered owner field (Lessor name (e.g., Toyota Motor Corp.) or company nane)
  • Secondary information field (name of the Lessee or person who drives the company vehicle) 

"One kind word can change someone else's day."

Parking Pass Application with Credit Card or ECheck Payment (Processing Fees apply)