Transfer Station

We are a cashless operation.

Transfer Station Rules and Regulations

  • The Transfer Station no longer requires a sticker to use the facility. However the Town does require all trash be disposed of in official town bags which can be purchased at the Transfer Station, Town Hall and Hannaford in Wells. See PAYT for more details. 
  • Recycling is encouraged. Recycled waste is free. If you are not sure where things go, please ask an attendant.
  • Trash will be accepted only if it is generated from within the boundaries of the Town of Ogunquit
  • No commercial compacted waste will be accepted without permission from the Town Office.
  • No animal carcasses.
  • Our attendants will help you recycle.
  • "Salvation Army" and "Planet Aid" containers are available for free donations.
  • The facility is to be used only during attendants' listed hours.
  • Please note: Our new hauling contract does not distinguish wood from Construction and Demolition.


The Town of Ogunquit, Beautiful Place by the Sea, has made it a priority to increase recycling in our town. The recycling rules and regulations are for residents, guests, and commercial businesses. Suggestions for improvements to our system are always welcome - we are serious Recyclers.

Why recycle? Recycling saves tax dollars. Each ton removed from the waste stream will save over $400 in tax dollars. It also makes sense to recycle and reuse materials rather than to simply throw them into a landfill.

Who should recycle? Everyone should be recycling. Whether you are year-round or seasonal, resident or business, we all must do our part in keeping Ogunquit, the Beautiful Place by the Sea, attractive.

Please do not abandon recycling. We ask that you be patient as this New World Situation becomes more settled. It may take more effort by all of us but this is a change that will lead to a better way of recycling and a cleaner environment. We apologize for any confusion as these changes happen. Do not hesitate to ask the staff for help. We would love to hear any ideas or suggestions on how we can make this transition easier for users.

Items that cannot be recycled include sanitary tissues, used paper towels, waxed milk cartons, juice boxes, propane tanks, mercury switches, or devices. If there is any doubt as to whether an item can be recycled, please check with an attendant. Entire truckloads of recycled material can be rejected if undesired items are mixed in.

Until further notice, we are no longer doing single-sort recycling. Bins designated for recyclables have been placed near the old (discontinued) Single Sort Box

Transfer Station Layout

Map of Dump