Assistant Town Manager/Treasurer

Financial Transparency

The finance office uses Clear Gov for our financial budgeting. This system is of great use for reporting our municipal financial operations to the community. It provides extensive information covering expenses and revenues, and how those compare to budgets. It offers community census data, historical figures and all check registers. Clear Gov also houses some pages dedicated to ongoing capital projects and all audited financial statements. Users can also enter their own tax bill and see how that money is allocated across each department, as well as how taxes are utilized on a per capita basis. Visit our Clear Gov site by clicking the underlined link below. 

Clear piggy bank with coins

Visit our Financial Transparency page for detailed financial information, including access to issued checks, current expense status, revenues, budgets, statistics, historical figures, and Audited Financial Statements. 

Fiscal Year 24/25 Budget Website can be found below

 FY24-25 Budget Book (


Under the general direction of the Town Manager, the Assistant Town Manager/Treasurer serves as a member of the senior management team. This position is responsible for the provision of a range of professional, administrative, and supervisory work overseeing all of the technical and finance functions including the collection, receipt, investment, expenditure, and custody of all municipal funds, the short and long-term borrowing of money and maintenance of the fiscal records and systems. 

The Assistant Town Manager/Treasurer serves as senior advisor to the Town Manager on the operation and financial management of the Town of Ogunquit and serves as Acting Town Manager in the Town Manager’s absence.

Property Tax Information

The Treasurer also serves as Tax Collector. Below is some important information regarding property taxes.

  • The Town of Ogunquit operates on a fiscal year basis: July 1 through June 30.
  • Taxes are raised at the Annual Town Meeting by the voters.
  • Taxes are assessed to the owner of record as of April 1 per State Law.  If the property is sold after April 1, the assessed owner should forward the new tax bill to the new owner. The new owner may request a copy of the tax bill if it is not received from the assessed previous owner.
  • The tax bills issued will remain in the assessed owner's name (April 1st) until the taxes are paid in full, irrespective of a change in owners. Unpaid taxes will be subject to a lien in the name of the assessed owner.
  • Taxes are due in two installments, October 15 and the following April 15.
  • Tax bills may be viewed and printed from the Town website.
  • Tax payments may be made in person at the Town Offices, by mail, or online at the Town's website.
  • Tax payments are applied to any penalties or fees due, then interest due, and then the tax principal. Ogunquit has a policy of applying payments to the oldest outstanding taxes due.
  • Address changes should be forwarded to the Tax Assessor, as well as the Treasurer.

Tax Club

  • The Tax Club is new as of 2023-2024 tax year! Fill out the below application by September 30th, 2023, to enroll. Payments are due monthly on the 15th to avoid interest and remain in the tax club. Final payment must be received by May 15th to avoid a Lien. 
  • Tax Club Application

Tax Lien and Discharge Information

  • Unpaid real estate taxes are subject to a lien which will be filed at the York County Registry of Deeds.
  • Tax Collector's Notice, Lien Claim, and Demand (36 M.R.S.A. § 942) are sent between 8 and 12 months from the date of the tax commitment.
  • If the taxes are paid within the 30-day demand period, no further action is taken.
  • At the end of the 30-day demand period, if the taxes remain unpaid, a lien is filed on the property.
  • If the taxes are paid within 18 months of the lien filing date, the Town will discharge the lien at the Registry of Deeds.
  • If the taxes remain unpaid are 18 months from the lien filing date, the lien will mature into an automatic foreclosure and the town can take and dispose of the property.