Boards & Committees

Looking for a few good people…to serve on Town Committees!

Are you looking for a way to be involved in our community? Do you like working with others and want to make a positive difference? Have you ever considered serving on a Town committee? If so, now is the time!

The Select Board will be making annual appointments to the Town committees and boards in August. Ogunquit is fortunate to have many civic minded individuals who generously share their talents and give of their time to serve on committees and boards. These boards and committees have openings due to vacancies and members whose terms are expiring and they are not seeking reappointment.

The Town committees and boards work on most every issue facing Ogunquit. Committee members bring the citizens' perspectives on issues and provide information and recommendations to the Select Board. Some of the committees and boards are required by State law, while other committees work on a variety of topics from the performing arts, parks and recreation, the Marginal Way, to conservation, historic preservation, the Town budget, the harbor, and other issues that affect the quality of life in Ogunquit.


The most important qualification to serve on a committee is to have an open mind, be able to work with others respectfully, abide by the committee's Code of Ethics, contribute ideas, and fully participate. Most committees, require members to be residents of Ogunquit. However, some committees allow non-residents to be members provided they don't constitute the majority of the Committee.

Appointments & Terms

The Select Board appoints all Boards/Committees/Commission, not elected. Committees will advise the Select Board on the issues and work on issues referred to them by the Select Board. Most committees meet once a month. However, some committees need members or other volunteers who are willing to volunteer at programs and events sponsored by the committee. Most committee members serve 3-year terms; however, many committees have "Alternate Members" who serve for a 1-year term. Being an Alternate Member is a great way to learn about the work of the committee and be prepared to become a full member when you're ready.

Expressing Interest

Interested? It's easy to apply - simply fill out the application form below. You can email it or drop it off at the drop box (located at the entrance where the ramp is), or the Town Clerk's Office. Applications are also available at the Town Office.  The deadline to apply is the Wednesday prior to a Select Board Meeting at 4:00 pm.   A review of the application may be considered at the next Board Meeting, time permitting.  

We hope you'll consider applying to serve on one of these Town Committees. Working on a Town Committee is important work that is fulfilling and interesting!

Boards/Committees/Commissions - Public Hearings

Boards/Committees/Commission - Application - Open Seats

Boards/Committees/Commissions Supporting Documents

  1. Select Board Appointments Policy
  2. Select Board - Code of Ethics.2022
  3. Boards/Committees/Commissions - Code of Ethics
  4. Age Friendly Committee - By-Laws
  5. Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee - By-Laws
  6. Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee - Code of Ethics.2022
  7. Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee - Remote Participation Policy
  8. Board of Assessment Review - Remote Participation Policy
  9. Budget Review Committee - By-Laws
  10. Budget Review Committee - Code of Ethics.2022
  11. Budget Review Committee - Remote Participation Policy
  12. Comprehensive Plan Committee - By-Laws
  13. Comprehensive Plan Committee - Code of Ethics.2022
  14. Comprehensive Plan Committee - Remote Participation Policy
  15. Conservation Commission - Ordinance
  16. Conservation Commission - Remote Participation Policy
  17. Facilities & Space Needs Committee
  18. Facilities & Space Needs Committee - Remote Participation Policy
  19. Heritage Museum Committee - By-Laws.2022
  20. Heritage Museum Committee - Code of Ethics.2022
  21. Heritage Museum Committee - Remote Participation Policy
  22. Marginal Way Committee - By-Laws
  23. Marginal Way Committee - Remote Participation Policy
  24. Ogunquit Historic Preservation Commission - By-Laws
  25. Ogunquit Historic Preservation Commission - Remote Participation Policy
  26. Ogunquit Performing Arts Committee - By-Laws
  27. Ogunquit Performing Arts Committee - Remote Participation Policy
  28. Parks & Recreation Committee - By-Laws
  29. Parks & Recreation Committee - Remote Participation Policy
  30. Perkins Cove Harbor Committee - By-Laws
  31. Perkins Cove Harbor Committee - Remote Participation Policy
  32. Planning Board By-Laws.9-12-22
  33. Planning Board - Remote Participation Policy
  34. Shellfish Conservation Commission - Code of Ethics
  35. Shellfish Conservation Commission - Ordinance
  36. Sustainability Committee - Remote Participation Policy
  37. Sustainability Committee - Mission Statement
  38. Zoning Board of Appeals - By-Laws
  39. Zoning Board of Appeals - Code of Ethics
  40. Committee Handbook 2023