Lifeguards / Ocean Rescue

Ogunquit Beach June 2, 2022

Ogunquit Ocean Rescue protects and assist patrons at Ogunquit beach during summer months. The number of people at the beach on any given day runs into the tens of thousands including thousands in the water. We currently have 7 lifeguard stations for 17 to 18 lifeguards who go on duty on a daily basis between late June and Labor Day.  Before entering the ocean or river please make sure there is a lifeguard "on duty" nearby and note the flag/safety level in that particular area. There are large sections of the beach that are not fully protected due to their distance from our manned stations.

Locations of Lifeguard Stations

  • Moody Beach - Wells Town Line
  • Footbridge Beach - Ocean StreetDSC_2125
  • Littlefield Beach - Mile Marker 6
  • Main Beach North - Mile Marker 1
  • Main Beach South - all-terrain vehicle (ATV)/jet ski
  • Main Beach River - south of Bridge
  • Ontio Beach - Israel Head Road

Lifeguards must be certified through the American Red Cross and participate in our rigorous ocean rescue training prior to the start of the season. Previous experience is helpful but not necessary. We accept applications beginning in January and evaluate candidates based on their background, interview, and a tryout. For more information feel free to contact us year-round.


Our basic duties include:

  • Preventative actions in the water
  • Water rescues and assists
  • First response to medical rescues
  • First aid
  • Beach rules enforcement
  • Search for lost children and persons
  • Regular training exercises
  • Coordination with Fire Rescue, Police, Public Works, and Visitor Services
  • Dune and wildlife protection
  • Daily posting of tides, temperature, and flag level

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us by email. You can also reach us by phone at 207-646-4947 from June 21st through Labor Day.

To view current openings, visit the Town's Employment page.